Upholstery Cleaning

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Steam cleaning is an extremely effective way of cleaning upholstery, things like sofas and chairs, curtains and rugs, even mattresses, pillows and well, just about anything else that is covered in fabric. With the right amount of heat and high … Continued

Vehicle Cleaning

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Sometimes a simple Valet just won’t do, especially when there are grease marks and deep stains in the seating area and around the trim. So why not treat your car to a deep steam clean and have it looking – … Continued

Marine Equipment Cleaning

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We love to clean boats ! (and yachts, cruisers, jet ski and any other vehicle found on – or under – the water). A deep steam clean will have her looking and smelling like new. We aim to leave the … Continued

Solar Panel Cleaning

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Yes we clean solar panels … This increases their efficiency and of course, makes them look better too ! No need to stumble up and down ladders doing it yourself, we offer a professional service, fully insured and at a … Continued

Holiday Home Cleaning

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Although we specialise in steam cleaning for holiday accommodation cleaning contracts (for hotels and holiday lets), we are more than happy to come and steam clean your own holiday home on a one off or regular basis. Typically we will … Continued

Commercial Premises Cleaning


In these unprecedented days of Covid19, it is essential that your premises not only look clean but truly ARE clean too. Dental Surgeries, Cosmetic and Hair Salons, Retail Premises … anywhere and everywhere that has customers or staff coming in … Continued

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

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Although we specialise in Commercial Kitchen cleaning contracts for restaurants and holiday apartments, we are more than happy to come and clean your home oven, microwave, bbq or grill and get it looking like new again ! Best of all, … Continued

Garden Furniture Cleaning

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Our Steam Cleaning Service is great for outdoor furniture and in just a few minutes you can have your sofas, chairs, tables, hot tub or umbrellas looking like new again. We’re happy to come to both residential customers as well … Continued