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Steam cleaning is an extremely effective way of cleaning upholstery, things like sofas and chairs, curtains and rugs, even mattresses, pillows and well, just about anything else that is covered in fabric.

With the right amount of heat and high pressure, steam penetrates deeply into the fabric, allowing for grease, bacteria, mould and dirt to be removed quickly and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Cleaning Sofas and Mattresses are two of our most requested jobs (the third being oven cleaning) and we love to do it. Customers get a big kick out of seeing their sofa or mattress looking like new again !

  • Steam cleaning can be used to clean just about anything – fabrics, metal, tiles.
  • Steam removes dirt, mould spores and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • ECO Friendly > Steam Cleaning uses around 70% less water and no chemicals
  • Effective – 180°C steam can clean almost anything, removes graffiti, oils, grease, gum etc.​
  • Most jobs completed in under an hour



Because we use advanced equipment, your sofa should be dry in as little as 10 minutes!

The only exception to this is where heavy stains must first be removed by shampooing, prior to the steam clean. In this event, the sofa should still be dry and ready to use in about an hour or less.

For straight forward steam cleaning, no. But where there are heavy stains or grease marks, then we may use an ECO friendly degreaser and or a shampoo prior to steam cleaning.

find out more about the benefits of steam cleaning on wikipedia

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